Driving in the Rain: Safety Tips

The raining season is officially starting in Vancouver, resulting in low visibility and slippery road.

When driving in the rain, maintain proper distance, it takes longer to slow down in wet weather. Watch out for brake lights of the car in front. Do not follow large trucks and busses too closely, take extra caution when passing them, as the water sprayed by their tires may reduce your visibility.

A few maintenance of the vehicle before driving in the rain: Continue reading

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How to Read and Decode VIN of a Vehicle

Every vehicle has their own identification number, which is called VIN, usually visible at the right bottom corner of windshield, and sometimes can also be located at the door panel, under the hood or on the frame. All vehicle history can be tracked by its VIN, and you can obtain a report of its records at CarFax or CarProof. It’s used when registering a car, insuring a car, recorded in accidents, and sometimes for finding parts for the vehicle.

Did you ever wonder what those 17-characters mean? Below is a quick guide to read and decode VIN of a vehicle at a glance: Continue reading

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Car Maintenance Intervals [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s the first week of fall, a good time to inspect your car’s condition after a summer season. We often hear questions, such as, is it time for an oil change? should I rotate my tires? when should I replace the fluids? It might be hard to find answers to those questions by just looking under the hood or eye balling the tires. As a general guideline, here is a great infographic summarizing the regular car maintenance intervals: Continue reading

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Tire Brand Survey 2012

tiresNear the end of summer, maybe it’s time to consider inspecting your tires, and start shopping for a set of winter tires. AutoPacific survey polls 25,000 tire buyers for most satisfying tire brand.

Michelin is the most satisfying tire brand for second year in a row, according to AutoPacific’s Replacement Tire Buyer Dynamics and Satisfaction Study, followed by Pirelli, Goodyear, Nitto and BF Goodrich.  Continue reading

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Auto Fatalities Since 1950 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Safety. Safety. Safety. As the number of cars increase with population and wealth, auto fatalities remains a major concern in public safety, however, it is way saver to travel with vehicles than decades ago. By plotting two important variables against each other — miles traveled versus deaths per 100,000 population — yields a pattern that looks like a plateau followed by a steep drop as shown in the infographic below. Continue reading

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