Honda Accord’s History of 30 Years [INFOGRAPHIC]

In time for the 2013 Honda Accord, one of the most popular models in the automotive industry, Honda released an infographic composing of some interesting facts about Accord for its past 30 years.

Since 1982, the Honda Accord has grown longer, about 1.5x heavier, with 2.5x time more horsepower. The base price point increased from $8245 to $21680 for it’s newest model. This is pretty much on par with the inflation, according to US BLS Inflation Calculator, $8245 in 1982 has the same buying power as $19,574.74 in 2012.

The features highlight of Honda Accord moves its focus from safety (i.e. brakes, airbags) to comfort (i.e. heated seats, air conditioning) and multi-media support. In the 2013 model, many new technology are used for an overall improvement.

honda accord 30 year infographic

Doesn’t matter of your age, gender or occupation, you must have owned, driven, or sat in an Honda Accord before. Fine, at least you have seen one on the street. You can also view Inside Line’s gallery of Honda Accord including all models in the past 30 years. What’s your favourite colour and year of production? Let us know in the comments.

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