Honda Accord’s History of 30 Years [INFOGRAPHIC]

In time for the 2013 Honda Accord, one of the most popular models in the automotive industry, Honda released an infographic composing of some interesting facts about Accord for its past 30 years.

Since 1982, the Honda Accord has grown longer, about 1.5x heavier, with 2.5x time more horsepower. The base price point increased from $8245 to $21680 for it’s newest model. This is pretty much on par with the inflation, according to US BLS Inflation Calculator, $8245 in 1982 has the same buying power asĀ $19,574.74 in 2012. Continue reading

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The Trend of Collision Avoidance Technology

collision avoidanceSafety is becoming one of the most important factors for automotive manufacturers in designing a vehicle. Many leading brands are implementing collision avoidance technology in the new models. A few recent articles have described those technologies: Continue reading

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Slow Down Move Over Law in BC

slow-down-move-overA young 18-years old tow truck driver, Blake Gresham, was killed last week while loading up a car on the road. Nearly 200 tow trucks traveled with their flashlights on to honour the fallen driver, and to raise the awareness of move over law. Continue reading

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Tow Truck Addition: Nissan UD Flat Deck

Welcome to our newest member of the tow truck fleet, the Nissan UD flat deck tow truck.

The cab-over design allows the flat deck to have a shorter overall length, gives better visibility, and allows a tighter turning radius, which makes it more flexible in all sort of space restraining situations. Not only can this 2-ton flat deck handles heavier loads than our 1-ton wrecker, it can also load two cars in one trip. This could potentially be more efficient and cost effective for shop and corporate customers of ours. Its steel deck is significantly stronger and more durable than aluminum decks, we can now haul equipment, and tow scrap vehicles in all conditions with ease. Continue reading

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